NOT an artist

There are certain titles, that make me scoff a bit.
When self applied, even more so.

Artist is one of them. When someone tells me they are an artist, in my mind I have to reign in my personal crazy that focuses on the pretension of such an idea. Imagine a person in a beret, paintbrush in hand, twirling their pencil thin handlebar mustache. These are the types of people I think of when someone pronounces themselves an artist.

Also, in my mind, artist's can draw. Like real life things, not just geometric shapes, not embellished stick people. They can draw beautiful, accurate portraits, and landscapes. They don't trace, they don't copy.

I cannot draw. I do not have a beret, or handlebar mustache (thankfully). I am NOT an artist.

But. But...

I have this deep heart longing to create things, and it takes me to unexpected places when I let it. I love to sew, I love patchwork, I love exploring new ideas, trying to see what can be made, to play. I love to touch and feel and learn. I need to soak in beauty to stay sane. This is part of how God made me, in His image.

Another work, that has made me scoff, is the idea of a Studio. I've used the phrases, sewing room, craft room, sewing space, but the idea of calling my creating space a Studio makes me cringe.

But. But...

Lately, I have branched out into odd places with my creative endeavors. I'm cutting lino (wait, what?) and doing a bit of block printing. I just received a screen printing kit in the mail, and am giddy with the idea of using it. I've been trying to draw, first inspired by a book of flower motifs, and then continuing on just for the enjoyment of pencil on paper (then on lino). My ideas of what I want to try aren't being limited by seams and hot glue.

Lino Cutting of what I am choosing to call a "Folk Flower" 

So, I am moving my sewing space in my house (again), and I find myself thinking of it as my Studio, not my craft room. What is going on?

I don't know where this came from all of a sudden, but I just keep remembering that "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17 NIV) So I think God just handed me a gift, and I'm just starting to open it more and more.

Coffee Filter flower that I dyed with food coloring, for an upcoming event

With all of this new, and old creativity that is bubbling up inside, comes another longing: to share all of this. With family, with friends, with anyone. I've been posting on Facebook and Instagram, but I want to talk about it more! I've heard that blogs are dying, but here I am. So, we will see what the future holds.