Oh, Monday.

Today I feel completely deflated.

I feel bogged down by wife-hood, and motherhood, and all of the duties and expectations that come with both.

Learning how to say no to what you want to do, to do something else for someone else is such a challenging thing. Doing this with joy in my heart seems nearly impossible. Yet, this is where I am at in life, and it seems I should learn how to do it well.

Like my young boys, I just want to play! And some play is important I think. Learning how to play and work, in the same space, with the same people is oh so challenging.

I want to play! All the time!

Linocut in Action

I want to print fabric, draw, sew, wax, imagine, and create!

Spring Strawberries

Lord, please give me patience for the season of life that I am in. Help me to be faithful to the tasks I must do as a wife and mother, and help me to be faithful to the calling you've given me to make and create. Lord help me find joy in doing dishes and in playing with fabric.