Recovering from Chaos

We had a rough weekend.

Really, the whole month has been pretty rough.

My dad was sick with bronchitis, my mom was admitted into the hospital with an ENORMOUS blood clot. Both of these lead to me traveling to the other side of the state several times to be with them. I was grateful that I was able to do so.

Then Friday I got a stomach bug. I was sick in bed Friday and Saturday. My husband was sick yesterday, and yet we still celebrated Easter. My 3 year old was sick on Friday and Saturday as well, and my littlest guy let the contents of his stomach go in his crib last night. Ah. Being a parent is a glorious thing, is it not.

So creative time has been a bit limited.



My husband is on spring break and has given me the day off.

I have grand plans.

Fabric Pull

I am going to stitch this fabric up into a Flight bag (Betz White). It's a video. And a very cute bag. 

And off I go, to play, Play, PLAY!