My First Mug Rug

Earlier this week, I really needed some quick stitching.

So, I made a mini quilt, or a mug rug. I can see why some people love them, it was really gratifying how quickly it came together!

Working on the Binding

I haven't really ever hand stitched down a binding, but I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed the process. In general, I don't mind the slowness of various parts of the sewing process anymore. I don't know if this is me maturing in my sewing/life, or what.


I did do part of the binding a bit wonky. I didn't want to look up how to properly join the binding strips, and decided to wing it. So, yeah. I personally like the look, and since it's just something for my personal use, it works. Some of the corners are pretty wonky as well. But, I don't really care. Practice makes perfect, and I haven't practiced this skill very much yet.

The Back
I am really happy with the quilting. I haven't really used quilting to add a design element to anything before, as I am typically afraid that I will 'ruin' the quilt that I have already put so much work into. This was the perfect project to play a bit, since it was low risk, small, and intended for myself.

Mug Rug in action

I've already been putting it to good use this week. Mainly as my official landing place for my phone, in the kitchen. I've used it as a glorified coaster a bit too. I see more of these in my future!

The fabric I used, were offcuts of what I used for my Flight Bag (Betz White). You can see more about that here.

Linking up to NTT, TGIFF, and Crazy Mom Quilts. :)