Some Simple Patchwork

In Michigan, August is a very hot and very humid month. My sewing has slacked a bit, since my sewing room is not air conditioned, and is in the upper level of our home, making it even warmer.

Once the heat of summer becomes unbearable, we put a large window ac unit in a main level window, put up curtains and close doors, and are able to cool our main living spaces- living room, dining room and kitchen- to an acceptable temperature.

This lead me to set up my Singer Featherweight on the kitchen table, and decide on some simple patchwork that wouldn't require frequent trips to my cutting mat and design board that reside in the sweltering heat of my sewing room.

4" patchwork squares

So I quickly, in the brief coolness of morning, cut up some 4 inch patchwork squares. I had some Kona Lake and Kona Petunia on hand from my previous project (my friend's wedding dress) and a dress that didn't fit me that a friend gave me because it didn't fit her. So I cut it up! The pattern is pretty exciting, so I felt good about pairing it with the pastel colors.

It came together quickly, and it was just the little bit of mindless sewing that I needed to fill in these hot summer days. It's a baby sized quilt top, and I think I know a little girl to gift it to this winter. It was a bit challenging at times, working with the reclaimed dress fabric, because I decided to optimize the amount of fabric while cutting by disregarding the grain of the fabric. So some of the seams are on the bias, however with simple patchwork it's not as big a deal.

Finished quilt top dancing in the morning sun. 

Now, I'm left pondering how to finish it. I might tie it. I'm just not sure!

I've been enjoying playing along with #30daysofquiltdesign at Stitched in Color these past weeks. It's been fun getting out the crayons and graph paper, and just going at it. 

Day 12, my latest

It's been really fun seeing what everyone else is coming up with over on Instagram under the #30daysofquiltdesign hashtag. Modern stuff, traditional stuff, low tech, high tech, it's a blast. 

In other news, I discovered a volunteer moss rose in my backyard. It was just the delight that I needed this morning. 

Bright in the morning light 

I am working on some embroidery today, with hopes of using it to guide my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping to use my hands to ground my heart and mind. That sounds super weird, but really I'm not as crazy as I seem. :)


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