Video Game Mishap

Oh, I've been feeling drained lately.

I've been getting my household in order (something I'm not very good at, or interested in) and it has been taking it out of me. I also have been dealing with a new medication that makes me sleepy (I seemly randomly came down with hives). This means my energy for playing, and creating, has been seriously depleted.

I did however manage to try out another folk flower idea, this time as applique instead of a linocut.

Folk Flower

I up cycled a beat up red sundress for the petals. Once I got it all together and stitched up I realized what the flower looked like. It resembles the flowers that try to eat you when I go down pipes in the Mario Bros video games. Oops. My hope for this project was to enjoy the act of creating and trying something new. That I succeed at. My future hopes for this little art quilt are currently unknown, since I'm feeling a bit deflated about it's unintentional connection to Mario and Luigi. 

I've been doing some thrift shopping this week, and I was excited to find two yards of adorable vintage corduroy. (For 1.50$ !!!)

Frogs, and bugs, and flowers, oh my!

I am hoping to find the perfect project for this delightful fabric soon. It's super soft, and the creatures are beyond delightful. Idea's welcome!

Hopefully I'll get back into a routine of creating regularly soon. I really miss it. 

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