An announcement and 2017 goals

Lets ignore the fact that we are in the second month of 2017 and I am just now posting my 2017 creative goals. Alright, good.

Last year (2016) I rung in the new year by myself, making a list of all the crafty/sewing type things I wanted to explore in the new year. I didn't plan to do that, it just poured out of me. It was like I was re-energized to pursue all sorts of creative endeavors that I had been telling myself were for people more talented than myself.

This year, as we have entered into this new year, I am much more exhausted. I still have creative drive, but it's on the back burner once again. This is in part because I am creating something that is taking a lot of energy. We are expecting a new little one summer 2017. This is worth being fatigued for. :)

In the last year I have gathered things to expand some of my creativity in new directions, but haven't ventured into them yet. I have a screen printing kit, and for Christmas I received a batik kit and a tjap. Starting up a new thing can be really intimidating to me. Also, I'm running into the problem of having a place to play with these things. My sewing area isn't the best place to get things messy (with paint and dye at least, it's not very accessible to an appropriate sink), and I'm not sure where to set up these very messy things. I really want to dig in though!

So, my goals for 2017 are to play with screen printing and batik, finish some of my WIP, consistently work on my penny sampler, get in some baby sewing, and birth a healthy baby.

Here's hoping that I am able to meet some of these goals!