Gigantic Tote Bag FINISH!

I have a finish this week! (actually late last Friday night, but I just got photos this morning)

I made a (unintentionally) huge tote/crossbody bag.

My new phone takes "eh" pictures
So, it's pretty huge, and I guess that's the advantage of using a pattern that has already been tested instead of trying to make your own. However, I am not deterred, I'm still pleased as punch, although it's too big for it's original purpose, it's a great overnight bag. I've already tried it out!

A better representation of the colors
Something that I'm proud of with this bag, is the quilting. I actually took the time to mark diagonal lines, and it turned out great!

'Eh' colorization... 

I'm so glad I have something to share today!

I need to figure out my camera situation. Any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive cell phone that takes GREAT pictures?

In other news, Google tried to redirect my questionable parenting yesterday...

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