Some Stitching

I have a bit of smorgasbord of things to share today!

Sewing time has been a precious commodity lately, as life with young children is unpredictable and very, very FULL. I have been sneaking in time though, here and there, and I have a little to show for that time.

A bit of practice

I've been intimidated by the applique involved in the first couple of blocks for my penny sampler, so I took the opportunity to practice the techniques a bit before jumping into the quilt. Above is a heart that I sewed using the freezer paper technique, and below is a dogwood blossom that I stitched practicing turn and sew applique. I'm feeling more prepared now for the quilt blocks!

Still working on binding this guy. 

I've been working on a project for a friend who is a photographer. He's commissioned me to make diaper straps that he is going to give to folks to hire him for a newborn photo shoot. 

Isn't the Ann Kelle camera fabric cute?

I've been trying to break up the somewhat boring sewing of diaper straps with small fun projects. One of which was a simple lined tote with the goal being to practice my FMQ.

Blurry... :/
My FMQ still needs quite a bit of work(notice that I didn't get a close up...), but this was a fun way to practice. I woke up at  3:30 am a day this last week, and I wasn't able to get back to sleep. So I decided to play with fabric instead. I blame the time of day for the fact that I installed the straps backwards. Oops.


I also picked out my fabric for the heart blocks in my penny sampler. Now I just need to get stitching! I'm really glad I went with the 12 month plan for the penny sampler, since I'm already very behind. I just keep telling myself that it's fine, and I just need to keep moving forward even if it's slowly.

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