Show and Tell (1/30/16)

Here's a bit of what I've been up to this week, from a creative standpoint. A creative week-in-review.

I finished carving another lino, and got around to trying out some of my new inks for printing. I am printing on fabric, and this week for the first time I printed two different layers. I'm really happy with it, and find myself popping into my creative space just to visit it again, and occasionally pet it.

'Folk Flowers' Block printed on Fabric

The hexagon pattern is a silicon trivet that I picked up at Dollar General on clearance, because I thought that the texture would be interesting. I am trying to print my own 'low volume' fabric, but at this moment I'm not sure what I will sew it up into. These could make fun charms though, if I trimmed them down. I have been running with this 'Folk Flower' theme that popped to mind several weeks ago, and it's been a fun place for me to explore this new Craft. or Art.

Into the world of what my mind considers art, I've been putting effort into amping up my drawing skills. Which are seriously lacking. I've signed up for Creative Bug this month, and I've been doing some of the daily drawing challenges. I have a long way to go until I am satisfied, but I have enjoyed the time with pencil to paper.

I would not want to sit in any of these chairs. 

I gave up on leaf towards the end
I am easily frustrated with my drawings, and often give up on objects, which you can see in both these pictures. But I haven't given up overall, which is a victory for me, even if my improvements aren't apparent by leaps and bounds in my drawings themselves. I am extending myself a bit of grace, as modeled by my Heavenly Father. It's very freeing. 

In the sewing arena, I've branched out with some a Block of the Month, the Sugar Block Club. It's free, and it's a chance for me to learn some new skills on a smaller, manageable scale. I'm pretty happy with my block, I've focused on metallic, geometric fabrics, and a solid color that I will switch every month. I may end up with a rainbow quilt. Yay. :) I sewed my first flying geese units, and it was exciting for me. They aren't perfect (just like my block isn't perfect), but the experience and outcome were both great by my standards.

My First Flying Geese! 

My January Sugar Block Club BOM, Loving the Purple!

Also I've ventured this week into paper craft of sorts. Coffee Filter Flowers. I'm making them, not for personal joy necessarily, but for an upcoming event. I was indecisive, but after consulting my social media friends I ended up going with the 'imitation roses' over the 'generic flower'.  I felt unsure of myself, like I was on unstable ground, since it's not a craft I would have pursued for personal enjoyment (although is it enjoyable and satisfying) and it's for a specific outcome (display at an event), not so much just for play. Still it's a creative endeavor, that branched me out into new skills. I dyed my coffee filter with food coloring, and used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. I think I like how they turned out.

'Generic Flower' and 'Imitation Roses' made with coffee filters

'Imitation Roses' in process

So, I've been up to a lot this week, creatively (and otherwise as the mother of two small boys). I'm glad I've started up this blog outlet to share my creating journey with others!