Show and Tell (3//7/16)

My week was hectic, but certainly full of creative endeavors.

I was preparing for a craft show, my first.

My table set up, featuring my wares, and the art of 1st graders. :) 

It was a very slow show. I learned a bit from some other vendors there though, so as a whole it was a good thing. I at least made back the money I paid for my booth. So, that's a good thing as well. It was fun to search for props to display my wares, and I enjoyed trying to set up my table in the most appealing way possible. 

Also, I successfully managed to make a chick and egg, designed by Abby Glassenberg, that has its feet! 

Such a cute little guy ! 

The little chick ended up with a slightly different hair style than my first. Such a blast to make, even though no one at the craft show was interested enough to buy this little guy. So, I decided to put him up in my Etsy shop.

I made some more of the little geese and nesting baskets for the show. 

Getting my ducks in a row. 

After I did the show, I gave myself a break from the type of sewing I had been doing. I like these types of projects, but I really love working with new ideas best. 

The last two days I have started drawing a bit more, and am working on another linocut. 

A view with some of my creative clutter

I am not loving how this folk flower is looking carved. I'm not sure how to tweak it though, based on what I already have carved away. I'm going to stew on it a bit more.

Ah. I have some bags I've been dreaming up, that I now have time to play around with. I'm looking forward to the coming week!