Friday Finish (2/26/16)

It's kind of a same ole, same ole week for me. I'm working on building up some inventory for a craft show (eeepp! something new for me) and so I'm making and finishing, but it's some of the same stuff I've been making.

Hand painted Tote
I am pretty jazzed about how this tote (and it's sister) turned out. I hand painted the fabric, focusing on spring for my color choices. I really love the soft, watercolor effect that is happening with this technique. I am also feeling pretty good about how I've upped my photography game. I know it's not that impressive (yes, there is a blur factor happening), but I've come a long way.

Up-cycled Tote

Rollaway feature in action

I also made a pair of up-cycled simple totes, that roll up for convenient storage. I really like working with re-purposed bed sheets. It's nice to see something old become new. Also, being frugal, it's a lot of bang for my buck. 

Spring time nesting bins

Nesting in action

I've also been whipping up nesting bins. I was inspired by a tutorial by the Crafty Gemini, but I've changed it up a bit to have nesting bins. I also plan to make some that are bigger, since I purchased some actual yardage of felt, instead of just small sheets.

Man, just looking at the colors I've picked out, I am SO ready for spring! After a blizzard this past week here in Michigan, it seems like spring may be a ways off. At least my sewing room is looking more like spring!

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