Some thoughts on Creativity and Faith

I had some encouraging thoughts yesterday, about my current season of embracing my creativity.

Directly from my notes at church yesterday (not at all related to the sermon):

--I get the privilege of living into who God created me to be because of the work Christ did on the cross.--

So, as I was thinking of enjoying my creative side, and venturing into new and vulnerable places within my creativity, I am so grateful for the act of God creating me, and Christ for freeing me. On top of that, I am thankful that the Holy spirit then guides me as I lean into these activities.

It really made me realize, that when I embrace who God created me to be (creatively and otherwise), I am fully engaging in the whole gospel.

The joy and delight that I experience when I play with my creativity is not a selfish act (like I always kind of thought) but it has significance that I never really understood, until now. Now, I can just remind myself when I go to 'play' that God created me for this, Christ freed me for this, and the Holy Spirit continues to lead me to this.

Stretching my creativity has a purpose in the Kingdom of God.

The whole idea gives me chills. I am excited to contribute to God's plan in the world, in this way.