Some thoughts on my time

Lately I've been re-evaluating what is worth me spending time on. In the past I've been very results driven, looking at finished outcomes or projects as the only valid thing.

An example of how this has been shifting is my flying geese patchwork units from last week. They aren't  in themselves a finish, but the process of learning a new skill and making just those few units for the first time, I now consider an accomplishment. I wouldn't of five years ago, or even 3 years ago.

My first Flying Geese. Aren't they lovely? 

This was so worth my time! I didn't finish anything, but this process was so valuable to my creative self, and my overall self esteem. Even with the tips a bit cut off!

I'm starting to give myself more time for this part of the process, without the pressure of a finish, or dazzling end result. I am trying to give myself more space to learn, and grow, and just play. When I think of how my boys learn new things, it's often through playing with what's around them. I need to let myself do the same thing in my creative life. 

This new freedom has lead me to practice drawing. There is no big finish, my doodles are often very wonky and choppy. The art-form is really stretching me. But I'm playing and learning, growing and enjoying. It is definitely worth my time.

Some folk flowers drawn this morning. 

I have to keep reminding myself when I see these clumsy little drawings that they are of value. They are worth my time. That these types of moments, playing, are part of how God made me, and when I am operating out of how God made me, that is life giving. 

Things that give me life are so worth my time.