Show and Tell (2/6/16)

My creative endeavors have had a very specific focus this week. My younger brother got married in California this past September, and this weekend we had a reception for him and his bride in Michigan, with all of our family. I had the privilege of preparing the decor, and the wedding cake (!) for this event. This took most of my creative time for the week, and stretched me into new adventures. 

I was pleased with how the decor turned out. I made paper garlands, by cutting out diamonds and hearts, and sewing them along with some paper doilies. 

The dessert table 

I also made what I consider 'imitation roses' out of coffee filters and food coloring. I stuck them in mason jars lined with burlap and called it a day. 

Some of my 'imitation roses'

The cake was really the biggest new challenge for me. I wanted to make something with 3 layers, because that is what makes a cake, a wedding cake to me. I decided right from the get go that I was going to go with a textured finish of some sort, without any fondant (since I really don't like the taste very much). My number one priority was taste. The filling was chocolate ganache and raspberry buttercream. It was yummy. The cake itself was a tweaked box cake. 

The bottom layer of the cake cooling.

The crumb coat of the cake was done at my home, but I waited until getting to the venue to assemble and finish the final layer of frosting (buttercream). 

The crumb coat of frosting on the bottom layer. 

The assembly and final layer of frosting went okay, and overall I was happy with the final product. 

A wedding cake for the love birds. 

It was a fun event, and everyone seemed to enjoy the cake! 

I also did a bit of sewing, that I already posted about. 

Nesting felt lined boxes.

If you want to know more, check out my post here. It was a fun little project to break up making paper flowers and garlands. 

It was a good week on the creative front, but next week I look forward to working more on my drawing and linocutting.