Show and Tell (2/7/16-2/14/16)

I am discouraged this week, because I didn't do what I wanted to do creatively. I did stuff, but I'm feeling a bit blocked in some areas that I really want to be growing in.

I sat down with Danny Gregory's book The Creative License, and with pen and paper. I tried out a drawing exercise, and I felt like I failed. Not because it didn't look right (even though it totally didn't), but because I really struggled to see the object the way the exercise was trying to teach me to. I tried again (somewhat halfheartedly), but I just kept feeling like I was missing the magic. So, my goal this week is to just keep trying, and focus on enjoying the process of drawing. I really want to grow more in my drawing ability!

I did get in some time lino cutting this week, which felt nice. My designs still are focused on the same flower, but I feel like I am growing in my technique. I know better what blade to use for different things, and I haven't cut myself in a long time.

The design before putting it on lino

Current state of the linocut
I'm learning to take it slower, so my hand doesn't get as fatigued. I keep reminding myself that 'slow and steady' is a good choice. I am curious to find out how this linocut will look in repeat. I thought more about that when I was designing it, than I have previously. Time will tell. 

I also made some tote bags this week. I shared about them in this space on Friday. I am working on writing up a tutorial/pattern, and that process is stretching me creatively as well. 

It was a pink kind of week. 

Thinking Spring!

These were fun to make, and came together quickly. It wasn't as satisfying as some other creative endeavors though. It probably has to do with the fact that I have been making bags for 15 years. They were the first thing I ever figured out how to sew. The process is not very fresh to me, so I am trying to reinvent what I am looking for in a bag.

I made a quirky little goose/chicken/duck for one of my little guys this week. He wasn't feeling very well, and wanted me to make him something, so I obliged. 

Silly Goose!
I really like how the fabric choices for this little guy work together. Pulling out these random scraps, and stitching up something cute and quick, really hit the spot for me this week. Not to mention, the recipient was thrilled.

I tried to make a fabric buckle this afternoon, and failed. I feel annoyed, because I "wasted" so much time on something that just isn't going to work the way I want it to. I have to keep reminding myself, that even if I didn't end up with something finished or even successful, that there is still value in the processing of these creative ideas as they come to me.

I'm trying to reset my creative expectations for this coming week, to simply be grateful for whatever God has in store for me, instead of what I think I should or should not be doing. Just playing with whatever God puts in front of me.