Creative Endevors ( 4/22/16 )

So, I learned about Artist Trading Cards this week. Like 5 years after everyone else.

If you haven't heard about them, here's the lowdown.

My First ATC

So I of course started making some. Because I have no other projects that I am working on. (Insert crazy lady eye roll here)

I am wondering a couple things regarding these trading cards. 

#1 Who am I going to trade them with?
#2 Can I figure out how to make them little teeny tiny mini quilts?
#3 If I can figure out how to do that, who am I going to trade them with?

So, if you are in the Saginaw Michigan area, and have some Artist Trading Cards that you would like to trade, please let me know! 

More ATC's in progress

And as always, whenever I find some new process or media, I feel that I should make sure that everyone realizes that #idontknowwhatiamdoing .

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