Show and Tell (2/28/16)

Oh boy, I have been busy this week.

But none of it is overly new or exciting. So, bummer.

I have signed up for a craft show next weekend, my first craft show, so I have been whipping up inventory, and launching my own small business. Yes. Crazy. I know. #idontknowwhatimdoing

This has been a really exciting creative endeavor for me. It's outside of my comfort zone, but in a good, stretching way. Since this space isn't really about my (new) business I will be limiting talk of it here, beside a launch post I have planned later this week. I'm not blogging here to try and sell anybody anything, I just want to share what I make with the world! If you are curious about this business, feel free to go and check it out at

Roll away simple tote

Hand painted lined tote

Nesting Bins

So... I don't have a lot to show today that I haven't already reported on in my Friday post. eh.

But... I do have this fun look at what my hand painted fabric looked like in process!

Hand Painted fabric, drying. (in bad lighting)

Fabric dried. 

As you can see the colors changed quite a bit from wet to dry. Overall the colors were very different than what I was shooting for, even when wet, so my heart wasn't broken when they changed so much through out the process. I still really enjoyed the outcome! I hope to get in some more fabric painting this week.

I've really tried to up my photography skills this week as well. (Goes hand in hand with online craft business). I have been taking more pictures in favorable lighting, and adding props. My creating space looks no where as nice as the photo's I've been taking! I know my photo's could be better, but I'm pretty happy with the improvement so far. 

I really want to break into my screen printing kit that I bought back in January, but I'm a bit scared. Mainly of the mess it could make! I've been watching tutorials, and reading up on the process, I just need to jump into it! No fear!

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